Wedding Details


Saturday, June 10
4 pm
Leo Carrillo Ranch
6200 Flying Leo Carrillo Lane
Carlsbad, CA
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Nestled in eastern Carlsbad, Leo Carrillo Ranch is a historical & national park located approximately 40 miles north of San Diego.  Once a vacation ranch to actor Leo Carrillo, of mid 1950’s Hollywood fame, the park is meticulously landscaped and home to free roaming peacocks and over 4 miles of walking trails.

Both the ceremony and the reception will be held outdoors, so we recommend wearing layers to be comfortable in the afternoon sun, and also once the sun goes down.  The 27 acres of this historical park is made of irregular earthen and paved surfaces.  It is recommended that you wear appropriate shoes for the uneven terrain.

The venue has a large parking lot, and there is ample space to park.  It is a brief walk to the estate where the ceremony will be held, so please allow at least 5 minutes after parking to make your way to the ceremony.  We encourage you to arrive early to explore the grounds. 

We adore your kids and would love for them to join us in the celebration!  We will have games and activities to keep them busy.